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      Her ladyship was in her glory. Her hall table was strewn with cards, and all the big and most exclusive houses open to her; for was she not the guardian of Miss Chetwynde?

      Varley Howard put on the tall silk hat which distinguished him, and sauntered out of the saloon. He paused outside to light a cigar and look up at the starlit sky, then he sauntered down to Mother Melindas hut.How handsome you are, Varley!

      Theres no occasion to look like that, she said, in a way that reminded him of Three Star. Why shouldnt you be in love with her or any one else? She laughed. You dont think I mind? for Norman still looked uncomfortable. Why should you keep on remembering whatwhat happened ever so long agowhen Id quite forgotten it? she added, rather cruelly. And I dont see how you could help falling in love with her, and I think youll be a very lucky young man if you can persuade her to fall in love with you. And mind, she went on, almost fiercely, if you can get her, marry her! Never mind being a pauper, never mind people telling you that because you havent any money of your own you ought to marry some wretched girl who has. Shall I tell you what would happen if you did?

      We have arrived, Trafford said. Are you rested, dearest?

      Isntisnt it Is this all there is of it? she asked in a low voice."She was. She was one of my mother's earliest and dearest friends."

      Beyond the heath the road climbs a hill, upon the brow of which stands the great house or palace of Belfayre, its white vastness standing out so conspicuously that it dominates, but not vulgarly, the whole scene.

      Esmeralda, listen to me; I understand now; I know all you feel. I will not ask you who told youhow you discovered the truth. It is the truthpartly. Esmeralda, it was the desire of the moneyand I curse it now as you dothat led me to yield.


      Allegra's wedding-day had dawneda glorious daya day to make one drunken with the beauty of sky and earth; a day when the vetturini in the Piazza di Spagna sat and dreamt on their coach-boxesnarcotized by the sunwhen the reds and blues in the garments of the flower-women were almost too dazzling for the eye to look upon, and when every garden in the city sent forth tropical odours of roses steeped in sunlight.Lady Wyndover laughed.


      Almost a dozen, he said.