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      I loves to shake a toe wid de ladies!

      No, to-night! she exclaimed, rising with a sudden light in her eyes. I want it all over at once. I want to go back to the old life this minute. Im longing to see them all, to look upon the faces that dont smile and smile at you while they stab you in the back, to see, once more, honest men, with too much grit in them to buy and sell women, to deceive a girl because she is a girl and is ignorant of the ways of the world! Take me to them now, at once, Varley!

      The duke laughed and shook his white head."About an hour."




      I, too, loved her, he said, simply.But the elder beauty was right. The battery did not go for more than a fortnight, and Hilary came again that evening. Sitting together alone, he and Anna talked about their inner selves--that good old sign! and when she gave him a chance he told her what Greenleaf had said about her and the ocean. Also he confided to her his envy of small-statured people, and told how it hurt him to go about showing the bigness of his body and hiding the pettiness of his soul. And he came the next evening and the next, and the next, and the next, and the next.


      How innocent you are! she exclaimed. You ought to have said Yes at once! My dear child, Lord Trafford is the great catch. He has been most difficult, as the French say. It is a great triumph for you to have caught him so soon.