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      Kincaid spoke: "Would you have me pass you by with my good news to go first to her with the bad?"

      Isis Esmeralda ready?

      In one of those damp June-hot caves galleried into the sheer yellow-clay sides of her deep-sunken streets, desolate streets where Porter's great soaring, howling, burrowing "lamp-posts" blew up like steamboats and flew forty ways in search of women and children, dwelt the Callenders. Out among Pemberton's trenches and redans, where the woods were dense on the crowns and faces of the landside bluffs, and the undergrowth was thick in the dark ravines, the minie-ball forever buzzed and pattered, and every now and then dabbed mortally into some head or breast. There ever closer and closer the blue boys dug and crept while they and the gray tossed back and forth the hellish hand-grenade, the heavenly hard-tack and tobacco, gay jokes and lighted bombs. There, mining and countermining, they blew one another to atoms, or under shrieking shells that tore limbs from the trees and made missiles of them hurled themselves to the assault and were hurled back. There, in a ruined villa whose shrubberies Kincaid named "Carrollton Gardens," quartered old Brodnax, dining on the fare we promised him from the first, and there the nephew sang an ancient song from which, to please his listeners, he had dropped "old Ireland" and made it run:

      IIdo not know!

      I amI am! he assented. It is my only failing, and I have suffered from it since my birth. We will go wherever you please."Yes," knowingly spoke Miranda. "Hettie, Scipio, Dilsie, you-all can go 'long back to your work now." She wrinkled confidentially to the officer.


      Simon looked confused and bewildered for a moment. Then his face cleared. For a fight of any kind, with or without[324] weapons, is always a precious thing to a man, wild or tame.



      But she paused outside and went into her boudoir by the outer door. Barker began hunting for the piece of ribbon Lady Ada required.