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      AND CAPTURE OF THE REBEL STRONGHOLD.They all listened with painful eagerness.

      BOOK No. 6 PREFACE.

      "Are they all gone now?""Where?" asked Si, running up to him.

      He racked his fertile brain with expedients and devices for getting up communication, but for once he had to reject them all. There was a halo of unapproachableness about Maria Klegg that paralyzed him.

      "What in the world made you so long comin'?" asked Shorty, after all the prisoners had been secured. "Was you asleep?"


      "Serves 'em right, the yaller-bellied, clay-eatin' yowlers," said Shorty savagely, looking over the mangled corpses. "Pays 'em up for their murderin' abatis. We got it in this time worse on them than they did on us, though it'd take as much of this as'd make up several Counties to pay up for any one o' the good boys we lost yesterday. I hope they are all where they kin look down and see how we got it on the secesh hell-hounds. We'll do 'em up worse yit before we're through with 'em."


      "We are alive," Marvor said in a fierce, sudden whisper. "The masters, too, are alive. We are the same as they. Why do they tell us what to do?"