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      What can I say to you, Esmeralda? he said, huskily.

      "Oh, rest easy," said the cheerful soldier, "mum's the word. But, Miss Flora, tell me this: How on earth did she lose it?"

      The doctor looked at the distorted face and wild eyes, and setting down the bottle he had in his hand, took up another and poured out a draught.

      Yes; I am the Duke of Belfayre, said Trafford.Kincaid, once more on horseback with General Brodnax, saw them emerge beside his cousin's hired carriage, and would have hurried to them, if only to inquire after the injured boy; but the General gave what he was saying a detaining energy. It was of erecting certain defences behind Mobile; of the scarcity of military engineers; and of his having, to higher authority, named Hilary for the task. The Captain could easily leave the battery in camp for a day or two, take the Mobile boat--He ceased an instant and scowled, as Hilary bowed across the way.


      Ohahwe were going over some old favorites of Lord Trafford. What a pity it is that you dont play, dont care for music, Esmeralda!


      He followed the doctor to the door of the hut and stood and listened in the hope that he might hear the beloved voice, but all was still, and he went back and mounted his horse and rode toward Three Star. The relief from the terrible suspense made him feel almost light-headed, and he rode along in a kind of dream, looking about him as if earth and sky were something new to him. Every now and then he breathed her name. As he approached the camp, he saw Varley just preparing to mount his horse; he was going to ride to the hut. At sight of Trafford, he stopped and stood, with one arm resting on the saddle, awaiting him. Trafford rode up, dismounted, and raised his hat; Varley raised his, his dark eyes fixed sternly on Traffords face.Yes, he said, his eyes eloquent with imploration. I scarcely dare ask you, there is so much to forgive! Ever since we first met, I have wronged you, have cruelly misjudged you, have proved unworthy of you.


      Esmeralda backed behind the door, still covering the woman with the revolver.


      Things were looking up at Three Star, and times were flush. The Eldorado had been newly painteda brilliant red picked out with greensome of the tents had developed into quite respectable wooden houses; MacGraths whisky had not improved, and was still as deadly; but empty champagne cases, piled ostentatiously outside the saloonfor the benefit of Dogs Ear, which had not been luckyindicated the prosperity of the camp.Yet they could have wept for thanks as readily as for chagrin or fatigue, so kindly were they taken in, so stirring was the next word of news.