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      "I done tole yo'uns not t' be surprised," said the old man reassuringly; "they'uns 's all right every one of 'em a true union man, ready and willin' t' die for his country. The half o' they'uns hain't got in yit, but they'll all come in."

      "I order you to come back here at once and take me in that boat," said the Lieutenant imperatively.

      "Don't be fools. Let 'em have your guns," she said, and she caught Si's with such quick unexpectedness that she wrenched it from his grasp and flung202 it to the man who wanted Shorty's. She threw one arm around Shorty's neck, with a hug so muscular that his breath failed, and she wrenched his gun away. She kept this in her hand, however.

      "Hullo, dere, de house!" came in a voice Si and Shorty dimly recognized having heard somewhere before.One after another said:


      "Yes," admitted Shorty, who had not so much reason for being enthusiastic; "but the Wisconsin boys say that Wisconsin's as much finer than Injianny as Injianny's finer'n Tennessee. I'll take you up there some day and show you."


      "You infernal liar, you, give me that letter," shouted Si, bolting into the circle and making a clutch at the sheet. "I'll pound your onery head off en you."


      This terrified the old man till he was ready to yield.